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The 8-Hour Success Advantage

Today I want to share with you one of my greatest success secrets to how I achieve EXTRAORDINARY results that have accumulated into the life I now lead.

And this is a guy born into a dysfunctional situation and possessing no special skills, talent or intelligence.

… and with only a full 1/2 semester of college to my credit. 

I do two things most don’t.

…and have done so for 30+ years.

The accumulated compound effect of these two things has produced the results I have and the life that I lead.

Those two things are:

1) Study

2) Plan

These two levers, pulled once a day and twice on Sunday multiplies my growth and productive output by at least 10X and results in my gaining a massive advantage over my siblings, all those I grew up with, graduated High School with, and all the competitors I have had in the dozen-plus industries I have been in.

Like all fundamentals of success, the process is simple, but the discipline to stay consistent with the practice is hard.

And most cannot, thus they do not succeed.

Simple. As. That.

Daily Success Habit Quote

8 Critical Hours for Your Success (Broken Down)

The “8-Hour Success Advantage” is broken down as follows:

It’s only one hour a day, first thing in the morning, then an additional hour in the afternoon of Sunday.

When I get up (early by the way), no matter how early I have to get up, I always get up early enough to have this sacred hour. No exceptions, I need it for my own grounding.

Then I study for 30 minutes. No more, no less. I set the alarm on my phone. My study consists of whatever book I am reading to grow one of my core skills.

It’s well known that the average multi-millionaire reads at least two or more books a month. That’s at least what I get through reading only 30 minutes a day.

And not reading crap…

Like clickbait blogs and regurgitated BS online. I’m talking about very selective, target skill-focused books that you don’t just read, but you study… for measurable growth and improvement.

Don’t have time to read? An amazingly lame excuse I hear so often. Do you think you are busier than Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk or Jack Ma? 

(All of whom are voracious daily readers)

And, I am NOT talking about the news, but actual books… books of study for personal growth and development.

Planning to Improve Daily Productivity

Now with the rest of the hour, I plan.

I review my MVPs for the day… my Most Valuable Priorities and walk through my day in my head.

  • Who I am going to interact with and how do I want to show up for them?
  • What might they be feeling?
  • What’s going on for them?

I try to develop the sympathetic empathy I need to connect deeply with them before our exchange.

That is one of my secrets, by the way, to the growth and practice of my emotional intelligence.

I also try to identify what are going to be those few spotlight moments throughout the day… those few interactions, public comments or times when my example is going to be most closely watched.

Another little secret here…

The key to being excellent is not trying to be excellent at everything, all the time.  That leads to mediocrity in everything.

The key is finding those few spotlight moments when your interaction, comments or example is going to be on greatest display… and planning, preparing and being disproportionately excellent in THOSE moments.

That is how you are able to deliver excellence when it counts!

These two things are done within an hour first thing in the morning seven days a week.

(7 days X 1 hour/day = 7 hours)

The eighth hour is spent on Sunday late afternoon as I plan my week out.

Sunday Planning SystemFor that, I use my Sacred Sunday Planning System. You’ve probably heard all about that, but if not, click the image below to grab a free download of the planner and a video tutorial where I walk you through how to use it, free – no charge, my gift.


So that’s it. If you want a massive edge over all your peers, colleagues, extended family and competitors, use the 8-Hour Success Advantage.

One hour a day, seven days a week, twice on Sunday… to simply study and plan.

Too few do it… and stick with it… which is why it is sooooo simple to kick butt and succeed out there – so simple.

It’s the simple disciplines held consistent that accumulate and compound over time into massive success and transformation.

Not easy, but simple. Don’t do the simple things… and you’ll have a complicated, stressful and hard life. Do the simple things… and you’ll have an easy, happy and abundance filled life. The choice is yours.

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