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Hero Story: Wayne Welsh


🙌  Wayne is a Real Estate Broker in Venice, FL.

☕  When a friend enthusiastically shared a DarrenDaily episode with Wayne, his life and business were in a state of total chaos.

“I was borrowing time from sleep, from my health, from my wife, and from my grandchildren.”


By picking up on the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) hints from his wife that she was feeling neglected due to his work…

😰  Wayne decided it was time to make a change.

When I invited him into my INSANE PRODUCTIVITY group, he was hesitant…
Investing in training and adding MORE time to his busy schedule was not ideal.

But he was COMMITTED to making a change for his family.

“The moment I chose to invest in myself with the Insane Productivity course, everything changed.”

📈  Gross sales have increased by 25%…
(Already exceeding their aggressive $100 million goal.)
⬆️  And they’re aiming for a 50% increase in the next year.

👏  Driving a 2010 Nissan Altima to a brand new 2020 BMW X5, which is paid off.
💵  They have much more disposable income…
🌱  Have started an investment plan…

🎁  And were able to smother their grandchildren in Christmas gifts.

“I never leave work late, seldom go in early, and weekends are now preserved for family.”

🥇 Wayne’s company has been awarded the 2019 Business of the Year award from the Venice Area Chamber of Commerce
And hope to bring home the “Best of Venice” award for the 8th consecutive year. 🌟

🏆  Wayne, we think you’re a HERO!

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