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Busy Equals Lazy, Not Productive

Elizabeth Tildon from North Carolina asked this question: She said, “I want to be the exception, achieve big goals and make an impact in the world, but I have no time. The treadmill just keeps running… I’m running as fast as I can, help! What do you recommend for me?” Anyone else feel like Elizabeth out there? Sure, you’re in good company, Elizabeth.

Talk to almost anyone today, and they complain about having “no time.”

The problem is that statement is often a boast…. disguised as a complaint when you hear this. “I’m so busy”, which we are meant to interpret as… I’m so important. I’m so valuable. I’m so significant. I’m so in demand. But the true interpretation is: You are so weak. You are so lazy. You are so out of control. You are so afraid. Hey, I never said you were going to LIKE my answers. Let me explain.

Don’t Confuse Being Busy with Being Productive

Busy = laziness, because it is a result of lazy thinking and indiscriminate action… Lack of priorities, clarity, proper planning. Busy = weakness because you are using it as an excuse to avoid what’s hard & uncomfortable. The thing you really need to do is probably harder than checking email again, commenting on Facebook or saying yes to the “gotta minute” distraction.

Busy = fear because you are using it to avoid yourself.

People are literally afraid of IDLENESS, QUIET and SOLITUDE. It’s why they walk into a hotel room or their house and immediately turn on the TV. They don’t want to be with themselves so they fill up the environment and every moment with business. One study proved people would prefer electric shock than to be bored. 
For some reason, most people hate being bored. We seek stimulation, constantly. People don’t know who they are when they aren’t busy. That’s fear. Busy = out of control. You don’t lack time; you lack skills & priorities.

Positive Productivity Is a Choice

Some people are addicted to their struggle. They love going around saying I’m so crazy busy! I have no time. That’s like walking around shooting yourself in the foot… and then bragging about your marksmanship. That’s lame and only proves you are out of control. Get a grip. I have talked with countless high-profile CEOs and multi-millionaires, heck even billionaires. Not one of them has complained to me about how busy they are. The reason? Because while they definitely have a full schedule, but they know how to take their business and transform it into focused results. They don’t get it all done—that’s for amateurs. They get the RIGHT things done. The bottom line is… Being productive is a choice. It won’t just happen naturally… because your to-do list will get longer and longer if left unbridled. You have to work at it, hone your productivity muscle and make the right choices for your goals and ambitions.

Time to Get Serious

If you are serious about regaining control over your life, over your sanity and over your potential, then I highly recommend you look into INSANE PRODUCTIVITY. It’s designed specifically for those who desire to be great. Not everyone does, I get that. Most people would prefer to continue to just complain about being “crazy busy” and having “no time”… and never doing anything about it. They prefer the comfort of their complaint, over the work and investment it takes to conquer it and ultimately stand victorious.

The choice is yours! I’m here to help those who choose to… Be The Exception.

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