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Businesses ARE the People YOU Hire: Don’t Hire People Who Suck

I ask these questions of the business leaders who attend my business masterclass…
How many would agree with one or more of these statements:

  • Employees today are not as productive as they were 20 years ago.
  • Left to their own devices, employees will get actively disengaged.
  • There aren’t many real A-players who are available out there.

Then I explain:
That’s a false belief.
You just have the wrong process.

It comes down to your hiring and training process.

Spending time with the co-founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hospitality group I was surprised when he told me, QUOTE: “Our Ladies and Gentlemen come from exactly the same labor force, backgrounds and quality of life that our competition do. We’re not paying a premium; we pay the same as others in our industry. It’s really how we SELECT our people and what we DO when they join us.” END QUOTE.

Starting with selection. They will interview as many as 10 dishwashers before selecting one. That is true for every position in their organization. And they say “select” not hire. It becomes a privilege to be “selected” based on the rigor or their hiring process.

A Ritz-Carlton employee told me, “When people take so much time to select you, you really want to prove that they made the right choice.”

Write this one down, SELECTION is 95% of the success in building a team and leading an enterprise. You have to know how to select correctly.

Then what is done after they are hired. The onboarding, training, and the culture that supports high-performance, a positive attitude, and WOW customer experiences.

I want to say again; they DO NOT pay their people a premium. They pay the SAME as those who work for Holiday Inn or anywhere else in hospitality. And they draw from the SAME labor pool as everyone else as well. But selection and then training and support make the difference in performance.

This key tip is also a lot like marriage. You are subject to the same talent pool to draw from as everyone else. It will come down to who you select and what you do after you say “I do.” You select wrong… and most anything you do isn’t going to help. You select well, but neglect to nurture them… and that is not going to go well either.

This really is the big issue to why most businesses perform poorly or ultimately fail.
They don’t know how to recruit, select, and train the right team that delivers a WOW experience for customers and clients.

That is why we spend an entire day on that during the business masterclass I host.
How to find, vet, and select A-player talent, then how to build a culture that supports their high-performance. Businesses ARE the people you hire.

Just as Richard Branson said, He buys the same Boeing plans United, American, and British Airlines buys. The difference is the people you put in the planes and to run the company. They either make the company extraordinary or mediocre. Businesses are only people.

Get the people right, and the people will take care of the business.

If you want to get your business right, I encourage you to register for my upcoming Darren Hardy Business Master Class.

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