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A Winning Strategy to the Game of Building a Business

Unlike the board game… where you are subject to the spin of the wheel and just doing as you are instructed… to win in actual life, you need to grow skills, so you get better and better at the game… and learn effective strategies that will give you leverage and advantage.

Today, let’s discuss taking an offensive approach to the building of a business enterprise, organization, or career.

I’m not sure if my bias to attacking an opportunity or problem with aggressive offense was imprinted in me by being raised by a hard-nosed University football coach… or by baptism-by-fire early in my business life.

As I have mentioned before, I got into real estate not long after Black Monday and the early 90s recession.

All the defensive tactics realtors relied on and were used to got wiped out… Doing “floor duty” which was waiting by the phone for someone to call looking to buy a house…

Or sitting in an open house waiting for someone to come in and say they wanted to buy it…

Or waiting for someone in their “farm” to call them off their refrigerator magnet or notepad with their picture on it… to come list their house.

If you wanted to get business in a recessive market… you HAD to play offense… so I did… and played it aggressively. As a result, I was able to become a dominant player… from literally out of nowhere with no prior training or experience.

That reinforced in me what my soccer coach screamed at me from the sidelines all those games to do… attack the ball… attack the goal… play offense 99% of the time… and when you do… YOU control the game… YOU to control the pace of progress… YOU to own the momentum in the market.

There are countless cases in business where the best defense is an aggressive offense.

In my Live 10Q training, I cited the cases where one company, during times of depression, recession, or crisis… fell back on their heels and went into playing defense… and another got up on their toes and started playing offense…

During the depression of the 20’s… Post, the dominant leader in breakfast cereal cut their advertising…
And rival Kellogg’s double theirs…
Kelloggs profits grew by more than 30%… DURING the recession…
And they became the new category leader… and have remained since.

Same thing happened during the 70’s energy crisis and recession…
The car import leader Volkswagen retreated into defense, cutting their growth spending…
And rival Toyota doubled down on theirs DURING the crisis…
Toyota catapulted to the #1 spot… and have remained since… and are now 3X bigger than Volkswagen in imports… and dropped all the way down to #5.

Most businesses, organizations, and even individuals building their career spend most of their existence reacting to the market. They use the same “best practices,” the same prospecting, marketing, and sales tactics, utilizing the same mediums, mostly the same way everyone else does… but their own unnoticeable and mostly ineffective spin on it. All that is playing defense.

Again, I don’t know whether it was by necessity or by brilliance… but when I had to build SUCCESS magazine… the traditional method… basically, the ONLY method any of them used because it was a chicken and egg situation… you made money selling advertising… but you couldn’t sell advertising until you had a large subscriber base… so you had to take 2-5 million dollars and go buy your subscribers… which is why you’d see those outrageous offers of 2 years for $9… or a free gym bag gift or whatever that cost more than the money for the subscription… but that bought your subscribers… so now you could go sell that audience to advertisers.

Well, we didn’t have $2-5 million to spend buying subscribers… In fact, we had ZERO dollars to spend on marketing and advertising. Instead, we had to get aggressive at playing offense. We did that by going after selected and highly targeted strategic partners… and my keynoting large conferences to enroll large pools of subscribers.

Because we played on our toes… attacking with aggressive offense and not relying on defense… we were able to grow that publication, from ground zero of the financial recession of 2008, when a large majority of previously successful publications failed and went out of business, to a readership reach of 5 million-plus.

One last example I will give you…
One of my favorite offensive entrepreneurs is Elon Musk.
He is what you would call on the soccer pitch… an attacker.
That guy just relentlessly attacks the ball… wherever it is.

There are so many examples of his offensiveness…
But one, for instance, is… Back in 2016, South Australia experienced an apocalyptic storm that knocked out their electric grid casting 1.7 million people into the dark. It was global news.

The politicians were blaming each other and could agree on the solution.
Elon attacked… he put out a tweet that even he could deliver 100 megawatts of storage in 100 days or less… oh, and if he didn’t it would be no charge.

Now, 100 megawatts of storage then would have made it the largest battery in the history of the world up to that point… so it was a pretty aggressive offensive play.

With a $550 million energy plan… Elon was awarded the bid… when previously he, nor Tesla, was even in the running.

By the way, he delivered in 60 days, not 100.

So, I ask you to ask yourself…
How can YOU get off your heels
How can you stop playing defense… doing mostly the same things everyone else is doing in the same places, pretty much the same way…
And instead, get up on your toes and play offense… swim out into the blue ocean and bring some innovation to your strategy playbook to attack your goals.

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