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How to Get Things Done: Faster, Better, Easier

Jan 28, 2021, Productivity & Performance

I want you to clear the calculator from yesterday, forget about the tasks you have to do later today, and be FULLY present with me here these next few minutes. Okay? Cool... Today, I want to expose the jig. Everyone thinks that those they see on the covers of magazines,

Unhappy with Your Life? Then Stop Lying to Yourself

Jan 27, 2021, Productivity & Performance

There's a great plague that has propagated throughout our culture the last 50 years... concocted by the PMA movement in the 1970s – the Positive Mental Attitude movement... which gave birth to what is called the modern "self-help” industry today... which has bloomed into a full-flung plague that is virally

Busy Equals Lazy, Not Productive

Sep 27, 2019, Productivity & Performance

Elizabeth Tildon from North Carolina asked this question: She said, “I want to be the exception, achieve big goals and make an impact in the world, but I have no time. The treadmill just keeps running… I’m running as fast as I can, help! What do you recommend for me?”

The 8-Hour Success Advantage

Aug 13, 2019, Productivity & Performance

Today I want to share with you one of my greatest success secrets to how I achieve EXTRAORDINARY results that have accumulated into the life I now lead. And this is a guy born into a dysfunctional situation and possessing no special skills, talent or intelligence. ... and with only

3 Easy Steps to Double Your Productivity

May 16, 2019, Productivity & Performance

Today I want to share with you a couple of my productivity tricks for creating insane, laser focus, conquering procrastination, and doubling your productivity. In a bygone era, which actually isn’t too long ago, you could only be reached by phone, mail or an in-person visit. If you had a
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