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Busy Equals Lazy, Not Productive

Sep 27, 2019, Productivity & Performance

Elizabeth Tildon from North Carolina asked this question: She said, “I want to be the exception, achieve big goals and make an impact in the world, but I have no time. The treadmill just keeps running… I’m running as fast as I can, help! What do you recommend for me?”

The 8-Hour Success Advantage

Aug 13, 2019, Productivity & Performance

Today I want to share with you one of my greatest success secrets to how I achieve EXTRAORDINARY results that have accumulated into the life I now lead. And this is a guy born into a dysfunctional situation and possessing no special skills, talent or intelligence. … and with only

3 Easy Steps to Double Your Productivity

May 16, 2019, Productivity & Performance

Today I want to share with you a couple of my productivity tricks for creating insane, laser focus, conquering procrastination, and doubling your productivity. In a bygone era, which actually isn’t too long ago, you could only be reached by phone, mail or an in-person visit. If you had a
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