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Hero Story: Wayne Welsh

Dec 3, 2020, Hero Stories

👋  MEET WAYNE. 🙌  Wayne is a Real Estate Broker in Venice, FL. ☕  When a friend enthusiastically shared a DarrenDaily episode with Wayne, his life and business were in a state of total chaos. “I was borrowing time from sleep, from my health, from my wife, and from my

Hero Story: Tonia Mercer

Dec 3, 2020, Hero Stories

👋  MEET TONIA. Tonia is a successful mortgage advisor from Newfoundland. BACK IN 2018… Tonia’s business and finances were on a steady decline. ⤵️ When she stumbled across a Facebook post of mine, 💬  SHE SAYS… “I was continually searching for the right program that would provide the guidance I
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